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  The 'BEST OF POLAND' 2023 wildlife tours

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The 'BEST OF POLAND' 2023 wildlife tours

A real gems of European wildlife! Famous Biebrza and Bialowieza national parks. Plus Siemianowka marshy lake as a free bonus. Extension to BELARUS is also possible. Spend several days and nights with our guides on excellent birding, all in timeless landscape that you wont find elsewhere! Watch with us not only rare birds, but also mammals, like European bison, wolf, lynx, otter, beaver, moos/elk etc.


Early spring 2023 tours

In March and April we continue to run 4-day weekend trips to Bialowieza and Biebrza Marshes National Park. Bialowieza is the best destination in Europe for woodpeckers & owls. Biebrza Marshes are best for waterfowl, waders, ducks and geese plus raptors.

A 2-3 days extension to Belarus is possible - but ask us ahead for details. Belarus offers its unique eastern culture plus vast, virgin habitats, especially endless marshes. Target species are rare woodpeckers & owls, including magnificent Great Grey Owl and Greater spotted eagle!


March 24 (Fri.) - 27 (Mon.) Biebrza Marshes National Park

March (31 Fri.) - April 3 (Mon.) Bialowieza Primeval Forest

April (21 Fri.) - 24 (Mon.) Biebrza Marshes National Park



Mid spring 2023 tours

Most popular 6-days tours to both national parks: Bialowieza Primeval Forest and Biebrza Marshes, including shallow Siemianowka lake and some less known local spots as a free bonus.


May 1 (Mon.) - 6 (Sat.) Bialowieza & Biebrza

May 8 (Mon.) - 13 (Sat.) Bialowieza & Biebrza

May 15 (Mon.) - 20 (Sat.) Bialowieza & Biebrza

May 22 (Mon.) - 27 (Sat.) Bialowieza & Biebrza


We also run weekly trips through the rest of the year to best birding sites in different parts of Poland, including Tatra and Bieszczady mountains - ask us please for dates and details.

Any more questions? Email us HERE...

Not convinced? Read this TRIP REPORT on Surfbirds.


The BEST OF POLAND tour & the birds

These excellent birding tours have been designed to get the most from birding in Poland. You will enjoy unforgettable, intensive wildlife trip, exploring some of Europe's premier habitats - a pearl of Western Palearctic! Great opportunities for birdwatching, wildlife photography or nature sound recording.

Please also note - most of your money spent on such a trip will go to birds of prey rehab. centre we run and to local people we cooperate with, guides and guest house owners, to make them convinced about protecting nature they have around.


Main wildlife areas visited:


Bialowieza Primeval Forest national park - the very last one, untouched, old riverine European forest, where birding is like stepping back thousand years! Hard to believe in fact that average age of the forest stands are far over 130 years and 400-600 years old trees are not rare! Even more incredible is the biodiversity of fauna -approx. 9200 species of insects, 13 species of amphibians, 58 species of mammals and nearly 250 bird species. Access to the areas under highest protection is strictly controlled but our guides have special permission to take you there!



Biebrza Marshes national park - greatest wetlands in Europe, under RAMSAR protection. Mazes of river channels, flooded meadows, peat-bog lakes and endless areas of wild marshes make a home to 48 species of mammals, 13 species of amphibians, 5 species of reptiles, 36 species of fishes and over 750 species of moths and butterflies! Yes, and bird species -over 270.

On such a trip it's quite easy to tick about 150-200 bird species! Including many top rarities, such as all 10 european woodpeckers (ecpecially White-backed, Three-toed, Grey-headed and Black), eagles: Spotted, Lesser-spotted, White-tailed, Golden, Short-toed and Booted among several other raptors. Rarest owls: Pygmy, Tengmalm's and Eagle owl. Black grouse, Hazel Hen, Capercaillie, 3 species of marsh terns (White winged, Black and Whiskered terns), Great Snipes on the lek, Collared and Red-breasted flycatcher, Aquatic and River warblers, Citrine wagtail, Thrush nightingales, Bluethroats, Hawfinches, Nutcrackers, Black and White Storks - just to name a few...

Meanwhile you may watch this movie (not any spoken word there) made by our friend K. Matysek, to get an idea what to expect.

Services offered
We will pick you up at Warsaw airport (or any other prearranged collection point) and return you there after your tour is finished. You will be hosted in clean and lovely guest house, with twin rooms & free WiFi, built in a peaceful and virgin surrounding, on full boarding basis. Excellent meals of Polish cuisine (products of local extensive eco-farming) are served on the way that give you maximum time to enjoy nature: breakfast and dinners in-house, lunches on-the-road, as we go.

Highly experienced, english speaking local guide will lead you to all the best birding spots in the area, showing you the birds you wish to watch. The guide wont be only your field guide but also your friend, translator and carerer - all the time at your service.

All inclusive:
- everyday transportation by car across Poland, with our careful driver
- guidance by highly experienced english speaking local guide on every birding hotspot
- full boarding accommodation in clean double rooms, each with shower and private facilities
- excellent meals, made in-house from local products of 100% ecological, traditional farming
- all the tickets for entering paid areas, such as national parks, lookout towers, parkings etc.

Price and booking *
Usual price is from Eu149.00 per day and person, basing on a space booked/group size.
Price not includes your travel costs to/from Poland, alcohol, personal insurance or other items of personal nature. For single room supplementary fee might be required.

When to go?
March - simply the best time ever for all species of woodpeckers or owls. Also massive flocks of migrating geese and ducks.

April - good for woodpeckers, owls and April adds plenty of migratory passerines, waterfowl, waders and raptors.

Late April/early May - has all of the above (but worse for woodpeckers) plus displaying ruffs in a full breeding plumage. And great snipes on the lek! Until mid-May more warblers should have arrived: aquatic, river and barred warbler. Plus flycatchers (collared and red-breasted), four species of marshy terns, bee eater, roller etc.

May - please bear in mind it is a peak of a birding season here! So we are VERY BUSY on this month, therefore please book for May asap. Ideally 3 months ahead before your arrival. The sooner the better and also cheaper.

Late May/June - still good for raptors, terns, aquatic warblers, bee-eater and roller, but you can miss great snipe and woodpeckers, as they will disperse already and may be hardly visible on dense foliage or tall grass at this time of year. However, turn of May/June is best to watch rare Greenish & Blyth's reed warbler

* If the above dates or routes don't suit you or would you prefere to go somwhere else - we still would love to help you! Right upon you let us know the dates, number of people and your bird wish-list, we will prepare you private tour and send you exact prices with detailed itinerary. We can guide you alone or a group you can organize (good commission or your personal discount guaranteed in this case). Or maybe you prefer to explore birds of Poland on your own, without a guide? We still can help you by organizing your stay here on behalf of you.

Any more questions? Contact us  here...


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