Butterflies of blooming summer meadows – expert led workshops

6 Days

Unique field workshops for nature, butterflies and plants lovers!

Summer is a fantastic time in Poland to look for butterflies and Poland is fantastic country for a suite of highly desirable species.

This exclusive tour explores the unspoilt and under-watched countryside of Poland, in search of Europe’s rarest and most beautiful butterflies, like the enigmatic False Comma, but also featuring a host of other highly sought-after butterfly species. Unforgetable week exploring the best habitats in Poland during daily walks to the wild meadows on a full bloom and full of butterflies.

You will also get a chance to watch some rare moths during night sessions and learn using UV light and white screen. All set in a timeless landscape that you wont find elsewhere in Europe!

A tour not to be missed!

  • Warsaw or Cracow airport
  • 4WD car or minivan
  • Family run guest house or small hotel
  • Twin or single rooms, en suite bathroom
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner. All home made
  • Free access
  • Highly experienced local guides
  • English and local
  • 20% on booking
  • 2 - 12


This excellent butterflies workshops has been designed to get the most from watching butterflies in Poland, when your time is limited to a week or so. You will enjoy unforgettable, intensive wildlife trip, watch rare butterflies and explore some of Europe’s premier habitats. On night sessions you will also learn how to use white screen and UV lamps to attract moths that you will identify with a help of your guide.

Workshops are organized in two locations (depending on the date, ask us for details).

  1. Northeastern Poland:
    Bialowieza Primeval Forest national park – a very last, untouched, old riverine European forest, where hiking is like stepping back thousand years! Hard to believe in fact that average age of the forest stands are far over 130 years and 400-600 years old trees are not rare! Even more incredible is the biodiversity of fauna – approx. 9200 species of insects, 13 species of amphibians, 58 species of mammals and nearly 250 bird species.
    Biebrza Marshes national park – biggest national park of Poland and greatest wetlands in Europe, under RAMSAR protection. Mazes of river channels, flooded meadows, peat-bogs, overgrown swamps and endless areas of wild marshes make a home to over 750 species of moths and butterflies!

    2) Southern Poland:
    Cracow region, including Low Beskid and Swietokrzyskie Mountains – one of the best areas to spot rarest european butterflies. Swietokrzyskie Mountains are well known for their unique boulder fields (also called stone rubble or rock debris) which came into being due to weathering of quartzitic sandstone under the influence of climatic conditions.
    Low Beskid – part of Carpathians – is one of the wildest corners of Poland, very losely populated mountain area with picturesque valleys where only old, feral fruit trees, isolated traces of house foundations or Orthodox churches and overgrown gravestones suggest that humans life once existed here. All of this makes an incredibly scenic landscape and truly unique atmosphere! This area has been recently insribed by Unesco in its World Heritage List.

Key species

  • Parnassius mnemosyne, Carcharodus floccifera, Aporia crataegi, Lycaena hippotoe
  • Cupido decolorata, Euphydryas aurinia, Brentis ino. Erebia edusa
  • Iphiclides podalirius, Papilio machaon
  • Pieris rapae, napi, Leptidea sinapis, Antiocharis cardamines
  • Lycaena helle, phlaeas, tityrus. Callophrys rubi, Satyrium pruni, Plebejus argyrognomon
  • Euphydryas maturna, Lasiommata megera, Aporia crataegi, Melitaea diamina, Melitaea cinxia, Parage aegeria
  • Mammals include: European bison, Pine marten, Racoon dog, Beaver, Otter, Moos/Elk and a big chance to see elusive lynx and wolf!
  • And much, MUCH more...



  • transfer from/to airport
  • transportation across Poland
  • full boarding accommodation
  • home made meals
  • bottle of mineral water daily
  • unlimited tea or coffee
  • twin or single rooms, stylish, comfortable, en-suite
  • free wifi
  • local guides
  • all entrance and permit fees
  • local taxes


  • services not listed above
  • alcoholic beverages and titbits
  • personal health/travel insurance

Trip area

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Butterflies of blooming summer meadows – expert led workshops
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